Rental Contract


Car Rental Agreement


“Dream Turizm San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. " "Hirer"; "Tenant" to use in return for rent.


1- Renter; has given the vehicle in its possession to the tenant for a predetermined period, provided that the following conditions are complied with. The tenant has accepted that he will return this annex on the day and time written in the contract, in the same way, at the place he bought. The length of the lease; It can be extended by informing at least 24 hours in advance, obtaining the consent of the lessor and adding the required amount to the rental deposit.

2- The tenant accepts and undertakes that he will not use the vehicle in the following situations.

a.) T.C. Carrying all kinds of goods and other unlawful works,
b.) Pulling or pushing another vehicle or trailer
c.) Race speed determination, rally, trials, motor sports
d.) On roads closed to normal traffic and unsuitable
e.) In the carriage of passengers exceeding the number of passengers determined by the traffic rules and, in any way, non-baggage cargo and explosive and flammable substances,
f.) Under the influence of alcohol and drugs,
g.) Regardless of the form of payment, in return for ivaz, passenger and goods transport

3- At the time the contract is drawn up, the tenant must be over the age of 21 and must submit a valid driver's license for at least two years.

4- Tenant; The vehicle cannot be used by third parties without the consent of the lessor. In this case, the tenant is obliged to register the identity, address and driver's license of the third party who will use the vehicle, and to ensure that the person authorized to use the rented vehicle fully complies with all the terms of this contract. The persons driving the vehicle are jointly responsible together with the tenant even if they do not have their signature in the contract.

5- Tenant; By declaring the correctness of the domicile address specified in this contract, it undertakes to inform the lessor of any change in this address in writing, otherwise the administrative and legal notifications made to the address written in the contract will be deemed valid and no objection will be made regarding the notification.

6- The tenant is obliged to park the vehicle closed and locked in a safe place in accordance with the traffic rules and ensuring its safety.

7- At the time of delivery to the lessor, the tenant is obliged to pay the rent for the period until the official documents of the vehicle (Traffic certificate, Registration Certificate, Insurance, License Plates) are not returned, as well as the expenses to be paid for the purchase of new ones in case of loss.

8- The vehicle; due to any event, the tenant; Whether it is a fault or not, the cost of expenses related to any attempt to be taken back by the competent authorities in case of confiscation or seizure shall be paid by the tenant to the lessor in cash and in lump sum.

9- Traffic fines and the damage that will occur during the towing of the vehicle by traffic belong to the tenant, and in case the vehicle is detained by the traffic, this period is included in the rental period. Possible traffic fines etc. the expenses will be paid by the LESSOR in the first place, and 25% service fee will be added to the penalty fees for the follow-up and payment of these penalties and invoiced to the RENTER.

10- Tenant; Any liability arising from the loss or damage of any property left in the vehicle after the return of the vehicle to the lessor, including the costs related to these, has released the lessor in advance.

11- Lessor; Since it does not manufacture the vehicle, it cannot be held responsible for any accident, loss or injury that may occur due to mechanical or manufacturing faults of the vehicle and its spare parts.

12- Vehicles cannot be taken abroad without the written permission of the lessor.

13- The tenant cannot, in any way, transfer, assign and terminate the rights arising from this contract, the equipment and equipment inside the vehicle. They cannot be used in a way that harms the hirer.

14- In any case, the tenant and the lessor are obliged to provide each other with the necessary facilities to follow their compensation rights against third parties, to give power of attorney to each other in proportion to their rights and to assign the rights of the case, and the trial expenses are shared within this ratio.

15- The tenant agrees in advance to keep the personal information specified in the rental contract in the personal file of the lessee, and also to pay the rent on time, to write his name on the warning list in cases against the contract, such as timely delivery of the vehicle.

16- Lessor; In case the tenant does not comply with any of the specified conditions, it is not necessary to resort to criminal remedies, without the need to obtain measures or judgments. If he wishes to take back the vehicle immediately, he can save the rental fee in advance.

17- The Lessor; It can terminate the contract at any time or refrain from extending it without having to show a reason and pay compensation.

18- The fuel fee of the vehicle belongs to the tenant.

19- MAINTENANCE: Tenant; It is obliged to check the oil, water and tire air of the vehicle during the rental period. Renter: Periodic maintenance of the vehicle during the rental period, such as oil change and the like, will be made free of charge by applying to the nearest office of the lessor. If this is not possible, the expenses to be made in the current authorized service station will be returned to him in return for the invoice he receives on behalf of the lessor.

20- REPAIR: Repairs, spare parts and tire replacement expenses made as a result of normal use and aging belong to the rental. Repair, parts and tire expenses to be made as a result of negligence and misuse other than normal use (such as oil-free, waterless use, freezing, tire splitting) and transportation expenses for bringing the vehicle to its rented place in case it has not moved, and the remaining fee of the vehicle by calculating the current tariff belongs. Emergency repairs that may be required in emergencies are made by notifying Dream Rent A Car and obtaining its approval, and the costs are returned to the tenant in return for the invoice received on behalf of the lessor.

21- Any additions or changes in these terms are null and void, unless they are firmly agreed between the parties.

22- The disputes between the tenant and the lessor are in Fethiye Courts and Execution Offices, T.C. It will be resolved according to its laws.

23- PAYMENT: Tenant: pays the rental fees in the current price tariff and the mentioned taxes and other expenses by credit card through the online payment system. During the arrangement of the contract, a deposit is taken over the approximate rental amount according to the current tariff at that time. This deposit is liquidated according to the final calculation result to be determined at the end of the lease.

The tenant can not offset any debts that will accrue with this contract. Payments are made in cash and in lump sum. In case of delays, the tenant accepts and undertakes to even pay the interest applied to the annual term deposit over the unpaid amount. One-day rent is calculated over 24 hours, weekly or monthly rental terms over 7 and 30 days.

In case of possible delays:
• In case of 1 hour or more delay, 1/3 of your current car rental price
• In case of delay of 2 hours or more, 2/3 of your current car rental price
• In case of delay of 3 hours or more, a daily rental fee valid on the relevant day will be added to your contract and the collection will be made from your credit card.

24- The tenant must notify the Lessor of a valid credit card belonging to him at the time of receipt of the vehicle. The tenant acknowledges, declares and undertakes that all kinds of traffic fines, parking fines, paid highway crossing fines, material damage and deficiencies that may occur in the vehicle can be collected from this card.

25- Prices are NOT INCLUDING VAT. For 4 days and more rentals; In case of early return or cancellation, 30% of the total rental fee is recorded as a cancellation fee by the lessor; will not be refunded. For 1-day rentals, all of them are recorded as a cancellation fee. For 2-3 days rentals, 50% of the total amount is recorded as a cancellation fee.


A) Leased vehicles; It is insured with Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance within the limits of the legal policy against third parties who are damaged in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law. Renter; Responsibility that will occur as a result of accidents damaging third parties has been made for each vehicle. Compulsory Liability Insurance is loaded in the amount of compensation it will receive from the insurance company, provided that the coverage remains in its limits.

On the condition that the responsibility on these cases and the moral compensation claims of the persons and their relatives who suffered from the accident are within the scope, the amount of compensation from the insurance company is charged. Responsibility above these limits and the moral compensation claims of the victims and their relatives belong to the tenant, and the lessor reserves the right of recourse to the tenant.

In case of damage to the vehicles, the renter is obliged to pay the material damages in different amounts depending on the vehicle group. Any damage or loss up to € 200 is not covered by the warranty. Damages and losses up to 5% of the vehicle price are not covered by insurance and are paid by the lessor.

B) The tenant is liable without objection for the damages to be incurred by the operation of the rented vehicle or any kind of accident, the transportation expenses incurred to bring the vehicle to the rented place and the operation fee of the vehicle during the repair.

C) However: the tenant who accepts to pay the damage exemption premium determined at the beginning of the lease is released from these responsibilities if he / she fulfills the following conditions.

a- Tenant and authorized driver; If there is no obstructive situation determined by a doctor's report, he will take the necessary security measures at the accident site, not interfere with the damaged vehicle in any way, identify the names and addresses of the relevant persons and witnesses, inform the renter and the closest officers of the accident immediately.

b- Since the responsibility and the discretion of the crime belong to the competent authorities, the statement will only tell the manner of the event and will not accept the crime and responsibility in advance.

c- Tenant; will deliver the Traffic Accident Report, alcohol report, witness names and addresses to the lessor within 48 hours at the latest, taken from the nearest competent authority (Traffic Police or Gendarmerie) to the nearest location where the accident occurred.

d- In case of theft, the tenant will immediately notify the nearest police or gendarmerie station and the lessor.



1- Situations where there is no accident and alcohol report
2- The situation that the accident occurred under the management of a driver whose name is not written in the contract
3- Situations where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident
4- Situations that the driver does not have a valid driver's license
5- Accidents caused by violation of traffic rules and excessive speed
6- Situations where the driver is 100% at fault, leaving the scene
7- Accidents and damages that occur outside the period specified in the lease contract
8- Accidents and damages that may occur during the pulling, pushing, loading and transportation of another vehicle or moving or non-moving objects,
9- Accidents and damages that will occur during the use of the vehicle during racing, speed determination, rally trials, motor sports or on unsuitable roads closed to normal traffic
10- Accidents and damages that may occur during the carriage of passengers above the number of passengers determined by traffic rules and non-baggage cargo and explosive and flammable substances in any way.
11- Burns occurring without the onset of a flaming fire with the effect of cigarettes and similar burning material
12- Burns and stains on the floor of the vehicle
13- Tire splits caused by improper use are out of coverage, and the tenant is entirely responsible for damages in such cases.
14- The renter, who cannot benefit partially or at all from the insurance compensation due to all kinds of acts and negligence that are not accepted as attribution to him, has the right to recourse to the tenant for the damage he cannot collect and for the termination compensation of the vehicle.
15- The tenant, the contact information in the forms filled for renting and reservation, etc. agrees to be used for.
16- There is an exemption of 5% of the insurance cost for the vehicles. This price belongs to the tenant under all circumstances.

Reservation requests for your rental are provided by our offices and reservation center in a guaranteed way. You can get all our additional products (Navigation, hgs, baby seat, etc.) that will make you comfortable during the rental, from our offices for an additional fee.

To take advantage of our daily rental services, you can call our Fethiye Head Office at 0532 151 0 151, get information and make a reservation at or any of our car rental offices. The reservation you make before renting a car will provide you with a car guarantee.

Vehicle mileage limits; Daily rentals (250 KM) for 1-3 days, daily (200 KM) for 4-7 days, daily (170 KM) for 8-14 days, daily (140 KM) for 15 days and more; In monthly rentals, on the other hand, (3500 KM) are mileage limits on a rental basis. If the specified mileage limits are exceeded, an extra fee of 0.40 TL + VAT is charged per kilometer.